Defined Permissions

a.k.a. Access Titles list

AccessID Title Description Hierarchy Specific Access
-1 User-CreateSelf Users with access to the system have the ability to create the contact associated to thier account, if removed when a new users attempts to log into the system they will unable to until an administrator links a contact to the login. no
-10 Login-Create Provides access to create Logins, or add Windows users or Groups to Access the system no
-11 Login-Edit Enable or Disable Login access to the system no
-12 Login-Delete Provides ability to remove Logins, or Windows users or Groups from accessing the system no
-20 Role-View View roles and security granted to them no
-21 Role-Audit View the change history of Roles no
-22 Role-Add Create new custom roles no
-23 Role-Edit Edit Role Security Access no
-24 Role-Membership Edit Role memberships on Logins, Windows Users, or Windows Groups no
-25 Role-Delete Provide abilty to remove Custom Roles no

~~| -102 | Contact-View | This access allows a user to view non-secured contact data, secured data will be masked | yes |
| -103 | Contact-ViewSecure | This access provides user access to view unmasked Secured details of a contact such as SS# TIN DOB or any other field defined as Secure | yes |
| -104 | Contact-Add | This access provides user access to Add Contacts | yes |
| -105 | Contact-Edit | This access provide user ability to Edit contact data, users unable to view secure information will be unable to update it either. | yes |
| -106 | Contact-Delete | This access provide user ability to delete a contact | yes |
| -107 | Contact-Audit | This access provide user ability to view the history of a Contact | yes |~~

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