Figure Database Layout


Figure Table
Column Name Data Type Nullable Notes
FIG_FigureID INT no IDENTITY, Primary Key
FIG_FigureTypeId INT no Foreign key to FigureType
FIG_LookupCode NVARCHAR(15) no Unique
FIG_PrimaryContactID INT no Foreign Key to Person
FIG_PrimaryAddressID INT no Foreign Key to Address
FIG_PrimaryPhone INT yes Foreign Key to Phone
FIG_LastModified DATETIME no Default To UTCGETDATE(), must be updated when record is updated
FIG_LastModfiedBy NVARCHAR(100) no UserId of user that Modified the Figure, must be supplied when an update occures
FIG_SoftDelete BIT no Default to 0, used to soft delete records.

Audit_Figure Table
Column Name Data Type Nullable Notes
AFI_ModificationDate DATETIME no Default GETUTCDATE, Partition Key*
AFI_FIgureID INT no Foreign Key to Figures
AFI_ModifiedBy NVARCHAR(100) no
AFI_Modifications NVARCHAR(MAX) no Text of the Modifications made to the Figure record. See Figure Audit Requirements

*Partitioned on Enterprise editions of SQL only.

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