Login Requirements

Login Process

  1. At login User selects to use Windows Authentication or Built-in Security - If Builtin Security has been disabled the option will not be avalible.
    1. This option can be disabled by the SysAdmin if only Windows Authentication is being used.
  2. User provides their usercode and password
  3. Follow validation rules for the particularAuthentication used, documented below
  4. Check for Contact Person existance
    1. if contact does not exist and user does not have User-CreateSelf access, AccessDenied Exception message = "Unable to create contact for user please contact your administrator"
    2. if contact does not exist and user does have User-CreateSelf access, display Contact Person Add, contact must be created to complete login process.
  5. Open application Home Screen

Windows Mode Authentication

  1. Validate the Windows usercode and password is valid
    1. If not Valid return with Authentication error
    2. If is Valid continue
  2. Pull the Windows SID for the User, as well as all Windows Groups the User belongs to
  3. Pull list of Matched SIDs from the WindowsAccess table (Process rules in the following order)
    1. If any Group or the user themselves is denied login, return Accessdenied Error
    2. If no matched SIDs are located return AccessDenied Error
    3. If user SID any Group is allowed access, the login process can continue.

Built-in Security Authentication

  1. Validate the usercode and password is valid
    1. If not valid return with Authentication Error
    2. If is valid the process can continue.

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